August 16, 2011

Aunt Withdrawals!

I am a beloved Aunt who misses her niece and nephew like crazy. Living four hours away from them isn't easy knowing that two weeks ago my 11 month old niece was starting to want to try to walk on her own and by the time her birthday comes around in September I am sure she will be walking like a big girl. Every time I see her she has grown leaps and bounds. I remember when I would go visit and my, almost four year old nephew, wouldn't understand what my sister and I would be talking about and now we have to make sure he isn't around if we want to talk about 'adult' topics. I love knowing that when I get to their house he yells out my name and runs to me with the biggest hug!

I usually try to visit once every two months but it seems like that isn't enough! Next thing I know he will be to cool to hug his Aunt let alone be excited when I visit.  I cherish every moment I get with them but if only I could convince them to move back to Houston or my husband to move up to Dallas. I can say that neither of those will happen. Ha-Ha.

Sometimes I feel silly because I can't even imagine how mothers' feel. I am just his Aunt and I get so sad when it's time for me to come back home. Knowing that in a few years he will be in middle school, playing sports, and having girl friends makes me think he won't be my sweet little munchkin any more...he will be all grown up.

Seeing how I am missing them like crazy I thought I would give a little shout out to my little munchkins that I miss so much. These are just some photos over the last few years...enjoy!

 Fall 2009

 He loves the Zoo!

I told him to make a silly face...makes me so happy!

She had her own personal wind

Ready for a swim


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