September 20, 2011

Work Chic

I have always tried to dress for myself and not my job. I am in the accounting field and there have been plenty of people that I have come across that seem like they could care less about what they put on in the morning. Accounting is not the most fashion forward career, okay it's far from it, but I have always tried to stay true to my own style. My new job has a business casual attire, which to them means jeans, flip flops, and a casual top, to me this Polyvore that I have created is business casual. The causal sweater and chunky jewelry is what brings in the casual while everything else holds down the 'business' part. The greatest part of this outfit is that its only $87! I will definitely be making trips to all these stores for this outfit.

Work Chic

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Work Chic by sdrake75 featuring plaid pants

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