November 1, 2011

Executive Collection by Alex Perry

Yesterday I came across this collection on Ashleigh's blog Act on Inspiration. She lives in Australia and sent me the sweetest email and I am so glad she did! I popped on over to her blog, which is fabulous, and I came across a photo that she had grabbed my attention immediately. Now, this isn't a secret that I love the 1940's and 1950's fashion so you can see why I was so drawn to this collection.

Fabulous right?! So sleek with feminine touches and plus I am one that loves the chic work look. I did some research yesterday and Alex Perry is an Australian based designer and you can only purchase these gorgeous pieces online at David Jones. I wish that he could venture into the American market but I guess I will have to just settle for having these photos be apart of my 'inspirational board' that I keep!


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