November 9, 2011

Fear Of The Unknown

These last two weeks have been a lot about ordering our inventory for Drake Men. It is fun and exciting but also a little scary. Scary because neither my husband nor myself know the future of this business. It's the fear of the unknown that is constantly on my mind pushing me forward. Fear is a scary thing, if you let it be. I used to be one of those people that would rather stand still instead of moving ahead. Never taking risks, well big risks that is.

My husband and I thought of Drake Men in February of this year but never did anything with it, mainly because of me. I was okay with going on with my life in the usual way...going to school, getting married, having a stable job, and having a family. To me that was all fine, it was safe-no risk at all. A few months ago I went to another job that was better financially and, what I thought at the time, better job growth. What I didn't know at the time that the 'growth' part would have to do more with my personal dreams than the job. I had gone from an easy, stable workplace to a new environment that was different and I quickly started feeling not myself. For a while I had just assumed that it was because I went from Corporate America to a much, much smaller company. After weeks of thinking about every feeling that I was having I began to realize what I was feeling was frustration within myself. Allowing myself  to settle with having a 'fine' life and not really reaching for everything that I dream of.

Weeks went by of discussion with myself, my husband, and God. I would think of every situation and then rethink what I just thought and then when that wasn't enough I would think some more. I told my husband one night that whatever is supposed to be will be. The next day everything was so clear to a fog had lifted and I knew exactly what I had to do in order to get where I wanted to be. Drake Men is something that I love to put everything that I have into it and watching it grow and succeed will be the cherry on top.

I am doing what I love both here on DylanDrake and with Drake Men. It is scary and it seems that I am nervous all the time now but I know that it's the fear of the unknown. I have a choice...I can let it swallow me whole or I can use that energy and push forward. All I know is that at the end of the day, five years from now I can look back and be happy that I have the life that I want.

What about you? Is there a choice that you are wanting to make but the fear of it all is holding you back?

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  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I so appreciate you stopping by!