December 29, 2011

My Holiday Week!

Between family dinners, wrapping gifts, last minute details for Drake Men, plus getting over a sickness while nursing my husband back to health...he caught my cold. Yikes! I am stopping by to share some of my holiday. It was so great seeing family members that I haven't seen, well since last Christmas. Besides forgetting my camera on Christmas Eve I only have photos from Christmas morning.
But before we get to those here is a little sneak peak of what I was up to the days before Christmas weekend...

Car rides with my awesome nephew-photo time!

 Some last minute shopping while rocking my fingerless gloves

The hubs and our annual Christmas dinner. My dad started this tradition when my sister and I were babies. Every year, the week of Christmas, we would all put on our finest ensembles and go out to a fancy restaurant while we sip on, virgin,Strawberry Daiquiris and amazing food. This year the hubs and I didn't go to the fanciest restaurant but I did order my drink...non-virgin of course! We love this tradition and I am so glad that my hubs wants to continue it with our children. 

Continuing with tradition-After our annual dinner my dad would take us to various neighborhoods in Houston that were known for the Christmas lights. This year my hubs took us to River Oaks, the ultra swanky, neighborhood and we were NOT disappointed! This house must of had eight trees that lined the street that they decorated so beautifully.

Chandelier trees are my favorite...especially when done right!

This house was awesome. We couldn't figure out why so many cars were stopped in front of it. When we turned the corner we saw what everyone else was wanting to see...Santa! It was so nice and of course my hubs was talking about how this is something that we should do when we get a house like this. It's good to have goals!Ha-Ha.

Christmas Morning...

The after math...

I hope your holiday weekend was fabulous!

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