January 26, 2012

Del Monte House...

Before I go off to Dallas I wanted to share this house here in Houston that I love so much. It is know, to me, as the Del Monte house. Real Estate is one of my hobbies. I love to search the web for listed houses here in Houston and El Salvador, where my husbands from. I came across this house several weeks back and what intrigued me was the traditional front of the house. It has a classic look on the outside and there was a 50/50 chance that the inside would reflect gorgeous renovations or it had stayed in the era the house was built.

It was the style of renovations I was wrong about. Looking at the outside I was assuming that the inside would reflect a traditional french/country style. Well...I was wrong, oh so wrong, and I am glade I was. If I had the couple of million that they were asking for it I would move in tomorrow.

So beautiful and unexpected from the front of the house! Maybe it will be back on the market in the next few years...a girl can wish!

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