January 16, 2012

My {Busy} Weekend...

I always count Friday as the start of my weekend. My general rule is this is my 'catch up' day with Drake Men, family, or friends. Well, this past weekend was completely booked with work, friends, and family.

Started off with Aaron Lewis concert!

 My parents beach house has started...so exciting!

This is how I will be spending my summers...

Work on photo shopping our product photos...

Finished off with some Fogo De Chao

In between these the hubs and I found time to go to a group salsa dance class, cheer on my cousin at his District basketball game, have a family dinner, and watch the Texans loose there 2nd round playoff game. I think the best thing was when the hubs and I bought each other anniversary gifts....watches! My hubs said it was no coincidence, that our gifts show the love for each other; timeless and forever. So sweet.

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