January 4, 2012

New Year New House?

Well not exactly a new house. More like trying to complete the list of house projects the hubs and I started on in 2011. Most are little side projects. Paint the living room and bedroom, complete the closet, and put up a back splash. Others will be taking a little bit more time; paint kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new lighting in the kitchen, put up crown molding, hardwood floors in the closet, and buy a new couch.

Living in high rise condo is so great, amenities wise, but at times I feel like I am still living in an apartment. I really would love to make this place a little bit more homey feeling. After weeks of gathering up inspirational photos I am hoping that come the end of 2012 we will have a completed house!

Love everything about this kitchen...cabinets, lighting, and all the little details!

An all white bathroom...yes please!

{Love the idea of framing designer bags}

The hubs and I have always talked about having a living room like this
one from Sex and The City 2 movie.

Our master bedroom is small,10x10, but I would love to have this
wall color in the room.

If we have the budget I would love to have a glass shower!

Hopefully we can take pieces from these photos and implement them into our house...here's to 2012!

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