February 27, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

It has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things today. Last week was pretty rough with getting a puppy and then having to give him back. The hubs and I didn't think having two busy lives right now, training a puppy, and living in a high-rise would be difficult but we were dead wrong. Hopefully, sometime next year when we move into a house we will get another little puppy.

With all of that I didn't get much work done last week. Today I was a little-sluggish-so I decided to clean up around the house, eat a healthy lunch, and go to Barnes and Nobles. I love going to book stores...it's where my best thinking happens. I browse through hundreds of books, pick a couple, find a cozy spot, and scan through them for the ones that I want. Out of five books I left with two. One is a compilation of New Yorker stories while the other is about Starbucks.He-He. Starbucks just blows my mind. I remember not even five years ago where they were popular but not-on every street corner-popular. Over the last few years-bam-they have blown up! Where I was at today they have two Starbucks directly across the street...all you have to do is pass over the two lane street to go to the other one.

-Any who-

I was a little lame this morning with my post so I decided to post these gorgeous pictures that I had saved on my computer. I am not one to want to live on a farm but if my farm house was as chic as this I would make an exception. First, the entryway chandelier is to do for. It's the perfect style, fit, and shape for a house like this. I love the natural wood stairs too. Every room is divine...especially the gorgeous bathroom. I had to save that photo for last. I can't get enough of the lap as well. That may have to be a must in my future houses bathroom!

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