February 8, 2012

McDuffie House

I am back! For the last two days I have had the worst head cold. I hadn't been feeling well enough to do anything until today! So here I am back with my love for real estate. In Houston we are very fortunate to have so many different style of homes. Especially the area that I live in you drive down the street and not one house looks like the others. We have bungalow's, three story brownstones as well as contemporary three story homes, colonial era, to the more traditional style homes.

This house is a quaint little house that I just love. When I look at the front I think of a little London town. There are a few houses here that are from this era and have been completely renovated inside. When you get a hold of one it's a keeper! This cozy house even comes with it's own small yoga studio, master bedroom with a sitting area, a redone kitchen, and the cutest little study ever.


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