February 29, 2012

Traveling In Style...Is There Anyother Way?!

This weekend the hubs and I will be traveling to Austin, Texas for a friends wedding. All of our friends from High School will be there which will make this one of those "do you remember that time when..." nights. There will be dinner, dancing, love in the air, and only a high of 50 that night. Perfect weather for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

When it comes to traveling I am a notorious over packer. I pack everything that I need and may need. It frustrates my husband a little because a weekend getaway turns into three suitcases just for me. Crazy I know but I like to be prepared for any occasion. The hubs and I change our minds frequently which in turn makes me think about all the possible things we may want to do but haven't thought of yet. Ha-Ha. I sound a tad like a control freak.

Besides packing our whole closet and bathroom I love to travel in style. My husband and I have that in common. We are those people that show up at the airport, hubs wearing-jeans, button down shirt, casual jacket, and comfortable but still nice shoes. While I wear jeggings, an over sized sweater, a scarf, wedges, and travel friendly/chic handbag. May sound crazy but after a long flight you still feel good. I have always been a firm believer about the way you dress can affect your mood.

This weekend we may only be driving for three hours to our destination but I can guarantee we will arrive in style. I will be the girl getting out of the car at a gas station wearing a maxi dress, scarf, and sandals. People will stare, they always do, but I will look and feel good. How do you like to travel? Do you pack everything in your house like I do? What about the way you dress? Do you go for comfort or for looking good?

What are you packing essentials? I have a few things that I MUST pack no matter where we go. I always bring a maxi dress, a pair of sandals, heels, flats, and my running shoes, and band aids-you never want to walk around with a bloody heel because of you shoes. These things you will always find in my suitcase. They are very standard things, to me. My handbag is a different story of course there are the band aids, a magazine, book, my ipod, snacks, and my cell charger which is always a must.

No matter how far or short I drive or fly I will always pack these things. Trust me they have all come in handy before. On our honeymoon I brought a maxi dress, he looked at me with confusion because the high each day was only 45 degrees. During the middle of our trip we were so exhausted that we just wanted to sleep in and have a late brunch in the hotel...what did I wear?! Instead of being like him, jeans, thermals, sweater, and boots...I just put on my lovely long sleeve Maxi with some flats and went downstairs. Nothing was said in the elevator but he just had this look on his face that read "Dang she was right"! It was awesome. 

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  1. Gone are the days where everyone used to dress up just to travel! Now it's all about sweatpants and velour suits bleh! Bring on the ladylike gloves and oversized sunnies! Beautiful images!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com