May 21, 2012

Caroline Burke Designs

I have made it back from my amazing trip to NYC! It was so much fun seeing my dear friend, of more than 10 years, and her family. Most of my teenage years was spent with them in their house. I traveled all over Texas with them as well as to Hong Kong...which I wanting to go back so badly! I learned a lot from each of them. From Daddy Chiu it was all about the makes and models of cars. Mama Chiu was fashion, fashion, food, and how to karaoke. Ha! Sister Chiu was basically everything. Her being a year older we just learned everything at the same time. Whether it was fashion, driving, or having boyfriends we did it all together. Bother Chiu was all about having a little brother. My sister and I always wanted a brother, older or younger didn't matter. LOL.

After moving to Nebraska several years ago I haven't seen them much at all. Once a year, maybe, but we keep in contact with the wonders of social media and technology. You can only imagine how spending three days with them wasn’t enough but we all managed. Shopping, eating, and talking for hours’ is what we have always been good at and we did a lot of that. Mama Chiu and I are even more excited because Sister Chiu will be going onto London to work for Alexander McQueen which means...girl’s trip to London! Mama Chiu and I realized on the last day that we were so sad about leaving we came up with the idea of heading to London early fall. Of course, I can't so no to that! Great food, scenery, shopping, and amazing company...sign me up!


Caroline Burke Designs. For the people, like me, who love the white, grey, neutrals, and blacks in a house!

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