June 14, 2012

Borderline Obsession with Kitchens!

Yesterday afternoon I was 'updating' some of my Pinterest boards with some of the photos that have been on my computer the longest. I believe that I, we all I'm sure, have been 'pinning' for years. The difference is that we were just saving them to folders on our computer vs. a website.

After about an hour of rummaging through photos I had to come to a stop to start my wifely duties of making dinner. Once I started back up again later in the evening I noticed one thing about my "Interior" folder...the kitchen folder had the most!  I knew that I had always loved a great kitchen photo but I think I may be a little obsessed. I counted and I have over 100 kitchen photos saved! Now maybe to some that doesn't sound that bad so I started counting my other folders and let's just say that the kitchen folder hands down is the biggest.

Now, I can start my denial faze and say 'I am just gearing up for when I can really design my dream kitchen I will have more than enough inspiration!' Or I can come to terms with that I love a great kitchen. I will have to make a new folder just for my kitchen photos onto Pinterest! Before I started on that I thought I would share with my lovely readers a few of my favorites of all time.

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