June 15, 2012

Star Wars...

It is finally Friday! This week has been very stressful with the launch of Drake Men being a little rocky but I made it through. I woke up this morning feeling a mix of emotions from being so sore from my workouts this week and then feeling great because of that, and then it went to frustration when I received an email from one of my website guys saying that he won't have the configurations set up until tomorrow.

I feel that this poster is really fitting for how I am feeling. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to so I am grabbing my coffee, going to get ready for the day, and visit my Granddad in the hospital before a family dinner down in Galveston for my dad's birthday and Father's day celebration! Of course, I will find time to fit in Drake Men, a workout, and some much needed me time. I will be back a little later my lovely readers!

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