July 10, 2012

$22.5 Million Dallas Home...

I am a fan of Dallas, I know I live in Houston and that is frowned upon, but it is a metropolitan city that has little nooks of old bars, restaurants, and vintage shops. Basically, my ideal place to live besides moving to NYC.

Moving has been on our minds lately. Since I am portable with Drake Men and my guy becoming a CPA we are thinking that within the next 5 years we would like to have a child but until then we would like to experience life in a new city. We both agree that we want to raise our children in Houston where our families are but right now we both have the itch to move.

I am drawn to Dallas because it will be a short four hour drive from our families but the riskier more daring side of me is saying "move to NYC!". My guy is all on board with New York because to him moving to Dallas isn't the dramatic statement that I think he wants. Ha!

I have to admit that I think it would be great to live in New York for a few years. I have been doing lots of research on housing costs and man is it different. A condo like ours would easily run in the $3,000. Eh. Well I started searching for Dallas condo's and I got side tracked with this $22.5 million home. This is what I would like my dream home to be please!

Gorgeous, modern interior with rich, masculine tones and textures. We are looking at remodeling our home with new paint on the walls, new furniture, and just making it a little more us than a model home. I mean we have lived here for 3 years I think it's about time! So, I am taking a few tips from this home...

My Favorite room

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