July 17, 2012

Cruise Vaca!

In about 8 weeks my guy and I will be on a cruise ship headed to Belize and Mexico! Well I am hoping anyway. LOL. We haven't actually booked our trip but we do know that it will be a cruise! After looking up some destination spots that depart from Galveston, Tx I found one that looks amazing. The stops are Belize and Mexico!

I can't wait, and we are so excited about going! I have only been on a cruise once and my guy has never been. Our vacations usually consist of a tourist trip i.e; NYC, D.C., London, Los Angeles, etc. This time we wanted to do something a tad different from our usual routine of waking up at 8 am and out the door by 9 am to hit all the tourist spots. What better way to go complete opposite!

Cruise Vaca!

Talbots sheer swimwear / Wallis sandals / Tote handbag / American Apparel stainless steel watch / Roxy sunglasses / Mar Y Sol brimmed hat, $79

Lounging by the pool on the ship, sipping margaritas, having fancy dinners, watching a few shows, and then having some adventures when docking. There are so many things we could do...jet skiing, hitting up one of the beaches all day, shopping at the local stores, eating local cuisine, zip lining and much more.

Shopping will be on my agenda as well since I will be needing some cute cover ups, hats, and I am loving this waterproof watch from American Apparel!

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