August 2, 2012

Settling {No Thank You}...

Simple isn't it. Like most things in my life I start something new and find out midway that it evolves into a greater journey than I expected. But isn't this life? I have talked often about my journey with Drake Men. How I began a newbie and I am beginning to turn it into something that-hopefully-will be great.

I am no stranger to the 'off' days. Nothing seems to be going my way, frustration is knocking at my door, passed exhausted, and frankly just feel like *throw my hands up motion* 'whatever' and walk away. As we know that will not do anyone any good. I never want to settle for less than what I expect. So I keep trucking, moving ahead, and hoping that my mood will turn around. When things like this happen I try to get my mind off of the problem for a while.  Mumford & Sons is currently my go-to songs or going out for coffee can be a wonderful distraction.

I could write forever about the questions of where my journey will go and things I have experienced. I feel as if I am on the cusp of something, my guy agrees, and I have a feeling that the hard work has just begun. As I get older I am appreciating hard work more. Before I did it because I had too not thinking about-once again-the journey. Working through the frustration is something that I will learn to do in time. Until then I guess Starbucks and Mumford & Sons will have to be on hand! But no matter what I do or where I go I will never settle. If you want to achieve greatness then you must put in the time. Looking back on my life in a year, 5 years, or 50 years I will not have the feeling of "if I could have done more". 

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