August 9, 2012

Thinking and Doing...

One thing I was never good at was being organized-partly because I wanted to be rebellious. Today, this is one of the most important things in my daily routine. I am one of those crazy list makers. My guy will give me the-are you kidding me-look because he will find notepads around the house. I write down everything. From my daily to-do list, cleaning that needs to be down, to making a list of everything that I would like to accomplish. Getting organized. Thinking about  it will more often then not produce the action. You must pick yourself up from the couch and start. 

*Tip: When making my daily list I always do it standing-while sipping my coffee. I know that if I make it while sitting I will dream about how I will get everything done. Instead I am already up so why sit down? 

The best way for me to take a little breather is to get an afternoon coffee. I have the luxury of working from home. There are days where I will sit in my sweats until my afternoon workout *clearing-throat*-like right now. But getting up, dressed, and driving five blocks down to get a coffee can revive me. Seeing the outside world brightens my mood. If there is a time where I haven't stepped out of the house for a few days then I will pack up my Mac Air and work from Starbucks. 

I am afraid to ask my guy what he thinks but there has been a full work week has gone by and I never left the house. Hiding in my work is one of my specialties! I also know that communication with others is key as well. 

There comes a time in a relationship where you become...content. You forget to do the little things you used to when first dating. When you lived to see that other person smile because of you. It will be 8 years, this year, for me and my guy and we know all to well what it's like to forget the word appreciation. 

My guy and I exchange emails about Drake Men all week long. Some have frustration while others show support and excitement. At least once a week I try to put at the bottom a 'thank you' to let him know that I am so lucky to have him. He in return knows that when he comes home with 2 dozen roses I jump up and down. It's the little things that remind me of why I am not only crazy about him but that we are in this Drake Men ride together.

*Tip: About once every couple of months I will write him a letter. Sometimes they are congratulations for an achievement and others a funny moment that we shared years ago, just to see him laugh. 

It has taken me 25 years to realize how important nurturing my mind and body is. I love food, I mean I would try anything. Because of this my body has showed it...always going up and down with my weight. I am usually fine with it because I can rope myself back into shape when I need to. Yesterday, I had a revelation. I didn't want to live the rest of my life thinking "Do I need to kick up my workout routine...again?" I wanted to be able to wear anything in my closet and know that I look and feel healthy. 

My weight has always been fluctuating between 130-140. Right now sitting at 134 I can tell you that I am just okay with the way I look and feel. I know that I could do better in both areas. So I am starting today. Instead of wanting a slice of pizza for dinner or having my third cup of coffee for the day I am going to think before I eat. Kind of like "Think before you speak". 

*Tip: My snacks throughout the day used to be chex-mex or crackers. Now I love to eat half an avocado, peaches, or almonds with some dried cranberries!

The upmost important thing in life. Yes, this is a photo of me and my guy. This was a few months ago and he and I were going through a rough patch with Drake Men. We were kind of at a standstill. Just so happen that night we had a friends party to go to, which we originally turned down. My guy came up to me and said that we needed this. We needed to laugh, dance, and have fun with our friends. That's exactly what we did. The comedy show that night was laugh out loud funny and then going out to a bar (where this photo was taken) was the cake topper. It gave us a chance to put our problems on the back burner and remember what is important. 

In the past saying and doing was my problem. Like with my list, if I sit down I won't get anything accomplished. Same for this. Thinking and acting are two different things. I can think all day about where I want my life to go and what I need to do to get there. I can make lists about it and do all my research. What good does that do? We have to act. Making phone calls, writing emails, and working. That is how the job gets done and in the end results are made that way.

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