August 30, 2012

Three Special Words That I Must Learn...

From a young age this is by far the one thing I have yet to learn in life. Patience, patience, patience. That is all I heard when I was younger and even now-although now it's just mainly myself telling me those three special words. It's true, I have never been one to have much of this. I am sure it is one of my parents faults...I mean it has to be right?! In either case, whomever's fault is, I need to get it.

Now there are a few areas that I have learned how to become more patient. For instance my beautiful nieces and nephew. I honestly feel that when I have children I will be more calm and patient versus one who has never been around young kids. Yesterday it came in handy. I was babysitting my niece, like I do twice a week. She is the most adorable little thing and what does she do...poop on me. Oh yeah. *TMI coming right now! And not only that I heard it while I was feeding her but then didn't realize it until she was finished 30 minutes later. My immediate reaction was "really on my white cotton dress"! But instead, because I have had experience in this department I just simply sighed and changed her.

When it comes to Drake Men...eeh I am iffy there. At times I can be more patient than my husband, if your reading this you! I admit I have days where I just go crazy thinking why hasn't this taken off yet?! Realistically I understand that I am not famous so why would anyone really 'know' us after 60 days of being open. But there was one week this August where we had a few sales within a few days and I thought to myself 'this is the beginning'...then it slowed down.

Frustration, confusion, and pacing began. Then I stumbled on a few articles that talked about patience and how important it is. There will be days when you will sell a crazy amount of one product and then maybe a few weeks will go by with no movement. And that's okay. I am slowly learning this. The impatient person inside of me would like it to hurry up and get here!

In the meantime, while I am waiting-patiently-I have begun to push myself into things that need to get started and a few that need to get completed. Earlier today I talked about a new layout and name. This is something I have been wanting for a long time. So why not start now! Drake Men is getting a version of a blog. Somewhere between a blog and an online magazine. I have been consumed of thoughts of how it will look and the content. I figured the best way to cure my impatience is to, well, make myself busier. Sounds a little crazy I know but I am hoping that with these added on assignments I can learn that marketing a business not only means having patience but adding new and helpful things to your site, shop, or blog.

At the end of it all I am hoping and praying that I will come out of it with loads of patience, a successful business, and a wonderful blog that you enjoy reading everyday.

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