September 17, 2012

Great Wine, Great Food, Great Time...

We made it! After two days and 22 hours of driving we were greeted by amazing atmosphere, beaches, wine, food, and music. It put a smile to our faces. After getting unpacked and a little settled we headed out on the town. 

It may have been Sunday at 9pm but everything was still 'poppin' as my husband likes to say. Sitting outside on the street listening to the waves with amazing Italian food and a good bottle of wine was a great way to start our vacation. I think we talked for at least an hour while finishing the wine. 

I wanted to make a quick stop by today before we head out to the beach! A couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella are calling our names. After a good run around the city this morning we are ready for some lounging with a good book and possibly a few margaritas-side smirk. I mean we are on vacation!

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