September 2, 2012

Southern Charm At It's Finest...

Get ready for some great photos! Usually when I find a house that is on the market that I really am drawn too I make sure to share with you guys. Well, this one is in Houston and is has loads of southern charm. The doors, fabrics, and all the way down to the lighting fixtures. It is gorgeous and actually about five minutes from my house.

It starts with the gorgeous exterior and as you wonder your way through the house all I kept thinking was...if only I had $1.4 million. I try to stay within a certain number of photos a post but I just can't help it. This one is definitely way over my number!

Okay so I decided to stop the photos here. But they are gorgeous right? I mean if you like that southern look. If you want to see more of them or are in the market for a home in Houston you can visit the listing site here!

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