October 22, 2012

Beautiful Monday Morning {Plus Coffee, Lots}...

This past Saturday Drake Men attended it's first market as a vendor and it was a wonderful experience. We made lots of contacts, sales, and new friends. Last week I believe that I may have been stressing myself out more than what I should have. Being new at this I thought that everything had to be absolutely perfect, nothing out of place. While worrying about that what I didn't realize is that everyone else's booth certainly didn't reflect a stressed business owner. By far ours was the absolute best and that isn't just me saying that! Customers and market attenders loved not only our booth set up but our products as well. 

After sleepless nights, lot's of stressing, over-analyzing, and many 'power' naps-10 min.- I have to saw it was a great experience and one that I look forward to doing again! Here are a few snapshots of the week...

Dress rehearsal at it's finest. Who needs an actual table?

Around 4 p.m. I had to get out for some fresh air and to my surprise...

I saw one gorgeous day with wonderful sweater weather. To bad my break
was all of 10 minutes.

Lots of stuff was left to get over analyzed and it felt as if 1 a.m. came way too early
for me to stop for some sleep but really 5 a.m. came far too fast. Bright and early Saturday morning!

After a wonderful day it was time to clean up. Last snapshot of the day!

This is what hard work gets rewarded with. Venti iced coffee 3 pump classic with half and half. 
It was needed...BIG time. 

Something wonderful happened over the weekend. Once we packed up and finally made it home to unpack everything it was right around 4p.m. We were both exhausted. Which is definitely an understatement. On Friday night we got a wonderful surprise when we came across a business opportunity that would benefit us greatly. 

Having been busy with the market for the following day we discussed it a little on Friday but no full conversation was going on here. All day Saturday it seemed as if every person was stopping by and asking where our store front was. We couldn't believe that people were SO interested in our products that they couldn't wait to see the rest at our store. That's when it finally clicked for us. 

As we sat with our feet up for about 20 minutes we both got this feeling that we just had to go by and talk to the owner/seller. Yes we were completely exhausted but we both got an itch that we just couldn't shake. It seemed like there was something pushing us to do this right then.

After the short 30 minute meeting we calmly walked to the car, put on our seat belts, and looked at each other with huge smiles. We knew that this was it. The thing we have been looking for. Great opportunity, wonderful location, the right size store, and a not too shabby price. 

Yes darlings it is happening, well it isn't for sure yet but we are very close. Hint the quote above. My guy and I have spent the last two months talking about this idea but it was merely a day dream, if you will. One of those ideas that it would be amazing if it came true but many things stand in your way-capital for one. But for me these last few weeks I had been thinking about this idea more and more. It started to become something I truly wanted to do but didn't know where to start. Out of no where, literally, my guy shows me the sellers page and it just started clicking. 

From someone who is a recovering over analyzer, I am trying to remain calm and collected until the deal is done. Trying being the key word. I just cannot help but think of how amazing this could be. After everything we have been going through these last two months this boost is what we needed. 

This beautiful morning that is a little too warm for this time of year is shaping out to be a wonderful week for us! Hope that you had a great weekend! What were you up to?

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