October 2, 2012

My Love Of Fall

My love for the Fall/Winter season goes deeper than just the gorgeous weather and outfits that I can put together. It's more than the Holidays spent with family. And even more than getting gifts on Christmas morning. It was when I got this little tingly feeling inside of myself. One that made me take a step back and go "What is that". All of us have had this feeling. It triggers your senses to remember that day. When you look back on it you can almost remember exactly what you were wearing, how you wore your hair, and how you felt.

I am talking about love my friends. That's right. I don't usually like to get too mushy about me and my guy but I feel like it may be time to share-some of you might say my obsession -with fall. Aside from the fabulous coats and boots I get to pull from the back of my closet it's the time of year that my guy and I started dating-8 years ago. I still can remember that day. It was a Tuesday night. I had a friend in the car and we had just come from eating Mexican for dinner. As I was driving her back to her house she wanted to pass by her boyfriends house. Little did I know that my future guy would be sitting on the hood of his car. True story.

He had just gotten back early-broke his foot-from being deployed so he had a shaved head and looked like a Marine. Of course he caught my attention. From then on we started dating, hung out almost everyday, and talked through out the days. It was October 12 when we become 'official'. I still remember those months. I don't think I will ever forget them. The first time I knew that we were in love with one another. Then the day we actually said it to one another. Ha! I mean come on we were 17 and 21. So young back then and naturally when we both realized it we had to get up the courage to say the words. From then on the colder months have and will always be my favorite. We still celebrate the day we got together as well as our wedding date-Jan. 8.

So there you have it! The love that I have for this season isn't just about fashion, food, family, or presents. Do those factor in...eeeh-well a little. Who doesn't like those things. But for about the other 95% is for my guy and our relationship.

Thank you for letting me take a slight mushy route this morning. I guess because October 2 brings me back to the day I met him 8 years ago.

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