October 25, 2012

Traveling In Style...

Well I am off this morning, bright and early, for a business trip to Dallas. Technically this is a trip to get some more information and then hopefully I can have a successful business out of it! For those of you that stop by here each day probably remember that my sister lives in Dallas-so of course I have to throw in a dinner, Starbucks break, and a house visit to see her kiddos! 

While I am exited about the opportunities this may bring me I am secretly more excited about the weather. Dallas is always,lucky, in the colder fashion department. We have been stuck in the 80's here-ugh. Four hours North of us has much cooler weather...in the 50's. *Completely and totally smiling while typing that. 

Whats in my suitcase...

Whats in my suitcase-Travling

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