November 12, 2012

Monday, Cold Weather, and More Hot Coffee...

The rain has gone and the cold weather and wind has stayed! Houston is officially in sweater weather and I could not be more excited! I could potentially be jumping the gun when I picked out a snowman coffee mug but you know...oh well. Ha-Ha.

I am most excited about my outfit for the day. I don't know exactly what it might entail but it will be something along the lines of an oversized sweater, leggings or jeans, with some lace up combat boots. You know going for that grungy chic look.

If you remember, last week I spoke about a meeting that I was having on Friday and that it could result into a pretty amazing opportunity. After playing hard ball for the better part of Friday I walked out of the meeting with a surprising answer that wasn't expected. 

Disappointment, irritation, anger, and annoyance filled me. I couldn't believe that I didn't walk out with a store. You heard me right. For the past three weeks my guy and I have been trying to get into the store front business. 

An amazing opportunity was put on the table and we thought this was a no brainer and should be an easy breezy process. We were definitely proved wrong. For someone who has owned a store front for 10 years and couldn't supply me with the correct documentation was unusual. Friday evening I finally had it up to here-my hand waving towards my ceiling. I felt that I was spending my days gathering paperwork to sell her business to myself. 

After letting it sink in as we drove to my cousin's football game my guy and I realized something. This wasn't right for us. That space wasn't meant for us. We weren't going to allow this lady to ruin our excitement and dream to own a store front. That's when we knew we will just have to do it ourselves. Which is really the hardest way but the best way. 

It didn't take us long to dive into research. Looking at available spaces, merchandise we would carry, designing the store layout, what the vibe would be like, and how much fun it is going to be. We are at the early stages but we are both equally ecstatic and driven to bring this to life! 

Now I am sure you get my Monday quote above. Usually I dread this day of the week but today it is looking bright, shiny, and filled with hope!

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