December 4, 2012

Are You Pumped Up For These Kicks?

My current obsession of the season month are sneakers. Not just any sneakers...wedge sneakers. Love. Love. Love them. So much so where I am thinking of doing to them what I have done to my high heel collection. Purchase a pair in multiple colors. I figured this way no matter the outfit I will have ones that match.

This I am not kidding...completely serious.

Now I am on the hunt for the one pair that have a great mix between comfort and style. The day I come across those I will be buying one in black and another fun color. Then maybe I am on to the next one with slightly different style while also purchasing them in black and another color. See the pattern here?

But all kidding aside how could you not get on board with this trend? Comfort, style, and one of the cutest accessories to an outfit now. I mean it has all the makings of something that my children will make fun of me for and then secretly want them!

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