August 15, 2011

1950's Fall Fashion in 2011

In June the fall 2011 Ad Campaigns came and there is a striking resemblance in all most all of them. It seems to be that the 50’s & 60’s inspired clothing has returned! This era is my personal favorite…the clothes are feminine but still crisp and streamlined. I came across a post from Look Linger Love, one of my daily reads that helped inspire me to create my own blog, which had photos from the new Banana Republic Limited Edition line.

Looking at these photos certainly makes me wish these triple digit days get out of here and bring some cold weather. Seeing how I live in Texas this will not be happening for some time which leaves me with imagination and day dreaming.

What do you think of Fall Fashion?


1 comment:

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out. Happy you've joined in on the blogging. And its way too hot here in Charleston to consider wearing this stuff too.