October 19, 2011

A Life of Style By: Rebecca Moses

How do you live your life of style? That is the main question that runs through my head when I am reading this book. I often return to the book when I feel that I need to be inspired or remember why I love the things that I do. She makes you think about how you live your life, how you dress, and why do you dress the way that you do. From reading the book several times I always come out of it with a new perception of myself...how I live, how I dress, how I treat people, to how I want to run my business. Rebecca Moses links your clothes, hair, makeup, home, and personality to style. That everything we do, think, and feel are all connected to the life of style that we live.

"Style is not skin deep. It is soul deep.
It is our most significant form of expression.
It is how we communicate who we
Are to the world around us.
It is out voice."

                                    -Rebecca Moses-


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