November 16, 2011


Over the last couple of years I have saved a ton of interior design photos. Last night I decided to go through my few hundred that I have and pick out my favorites. I quickly began to realize that I was deciding photos based on what my dream home would be and also that each room as a different style! My husband and I say that our style is classic, modern, eclectic, vintage, mixed in with some traditional. It's a lot I know but it's so true. We pick pieces by themselves, we rarely say 'well is this going to match the couch, chairs, and rugs'. Everything flows nicely together mainly because of the colors but we have things that are all different styles. For instance in our living room we have two brown leather vintage chairs but in our entry way we have a deep red Japanese inspired table. Our living room is classic mixed with vintage style furniture but our bedroom is modern black and white all the way. It's different but it's us.

My husband and I have always known that when we decide to leave the high rise lifestyle that we will be moving into a three story here is what it will, hopefully, look like.

Traditional from the outside...

Dramatic when you walk through the front door

Warm and cozy living room to watch our black and white movies...

 Simple and clean kitchen that the husband and I will drink
our coffee and make breakfast in every morning.

 Pops of color, black doors, and classic table and chairs that I would home to tons of dinner parties!

  I have always wanted a library where the hubs and I could go
and read our magazines and favorite books.

 Master bedroom...the love of my black and white rooms

 A women's dream to have a huge walk in closet!

 Master bathroom. That chandelier would be my pride and joy!

 His and Her studies and both very different. Mine is much more vintage and I would be able to draw so much inspiration being in there. My husbands is much more masculine, clean, with a vintage feel.

What would your dream house look like?


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  1. very similar to this. These are gorgeous!!! I just need lots and lots of money to decorate my new home ;)