November 17, 2011

Fitness Thursdays!

So this past week I haven't been 'on the ball' with going to the gym everyday...okay I haven't gone since Friday. I have been busy with work, and even though that is NO excuse to miss the gym 6 days in a row, I can report that I have been eating healthy! I mean really, really healthy. I went to Women's Health to get a few tips on food items that are filling, healthy, and figure friendly. Here is what I found...

Including all of these foods in my meals everyday makes me feel good. Usually when I haven't been to the gym in a while I end up feeling heavier, having less energy, tired, and just not myself. It really has been six days, I wouldn't lie to you :), and I truly feel great. Yes, my stomach could feel a little tighter and my thighs need some running and squats but I still find myself having the same amount of energy. I also am drinking a lot of water...A LOT! It really flushes out your system.

With finalizing a lot of things for our merchandise with Drake Men I find it difficult to leave the computer. Emailing, making phone calls, researching, it has gotten me out of the 'workout' mode I was in for so long. Tomorrow I will be celebrating the end of a long work week in the gym! Yes I know, it may sound crazy but I need to shock my body back into the fitness mode...the Holidays are technically starting a week from today...Yikes!

Remember eat healthy, take the stairs instead of the elevator (I do!), drink water like you drink your coffee...a lot! Ha-Ha.


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