November 30, 2011

It's Here...Holiday Decorating!

It time to pull out your winter coats, favorite to-go coffee mugs, best knee-high boots, and the Christmas boxes from storage. I spent the majority of my weekend fitting in time swapping my Fall decor for my Christmas ones. I grabbed a cup of coffee in my favorite Christmas mug and put on the Christmas play list from Pandora. It was so much fun and definitely felt like Christmas with it being close to 40 degree's outside.

Now our house is decorated in red, white, green, gold, with a little bit of glitz! Since I have tackled the decorating aspect of this time of year now it's time for the wrapping of the gifts. I sat, happily, on my couch and did some online shopping on black Friday. I have completed my list and now I must wait for the boxes to show up at my door! With my luck I am sure that they will all arrive on the same day and I will be scrambling to get them wrapped so the hubs won't be tempted to sneak a peek at the gifts!


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