November 10, 2011

Pre-Holiday Workout!

Two weeks until Thanksgiving and I am already 'feeling' the Holiday weight. This time of year I always make the same goal...not to over eat. Sounds fairly easy but when relatives start coming into town it is so easy to get out of your regular eating routine. Most of the time I cook about six nights out of the week and this week...only 2. Other nights I have been finding myself eating later and not as healthy. I figured this Holiday season will be different! Maybe if I start before the season actually starts I won't feel so, not myself, when New Years comes along. 

Working out has always been an up and down hill battle. I may go three weeks in a row seven days a week for an hour each time and then there are weeks with only going twice for thirty minutes. I really love to working out. It makes me feel good and I find that I crave healthier foods when I keep it up. From now on till the end of the year Thursday's afternoon post will be dedicated to a new workout routine. Why Thursday?! Well to me it's the time when I start to wind down the week and set into 'weekend' mood. I find that it is generally harder for me to get motivated to go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. I am hoping that this post will help me jump start my weekend workouts!

Today, I went to the gym, just now, and did a spinning routine for 45 legs feel like jello! I feel good and ready to hit this mini vacation with the family this weekend full force! I will be bringing my running clothes to run along the river walk in San Antonio!

Spinning Workout:
Minutes 0-3
-Warm up. Pedal comfortably with little or no resistance.
Minutes 3-7
-Add resistance. Make pedaling harder and rise out of the saddle.
Minutes 7-11
-Add more resistance. Slow your pace to 55 to 60 rpm. Alternate standing and sitting for 30 seconds each.
 Minutes 11-15
-Active recovery. Reduce the resistance and maintain a brisk, high pace (cadence) at 88 rpm.
Minutes 15-19
-Flat ride. Add a bit more resistance and pedal at 90 to 95 rpm.
minutes 19-23
-Hill surges. Up the resistance and pedal at 65 rpm. Every 30 seconds, increase your leg speed and surge as fast as you can for 15 seconds.
Minutes 23-27
-Fast and flat. Ease up on resistance and pedal at a fast pace (110+ rpm).
Minutes 27-31
-Steep climb. Increase resistance and slow to 70 rpm, alternating between sitting and standing for 30 seconds each.
Minutes 31-35
-Steady cruising. Reduce resistance and pedal at your preferred cadence.
Minutes 35-43
-Speed play. Mix short and long sprints (95 to 110 rpm during sprints, 65 to 70 rpm during recovery). Start with 10 seconds and work up to 60 seconds (equal recovery time).
Minutes 43-45
-Cool down. Pedal comfortably (85 rpm) with little or no resistance.
Workout via-Women's Fitness


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