December 21, 2011

{Holiday} Hair Envy...

Up, down, curly, straight, many choices?! Besides the fact that, us women, spend several minutes, probably, just staring at our clothes trying to put an outfit becomes a whole other issue. Christmas Eve this year is being hosted by my sister at her and her husbands house. Lets just say that I am feeling that the night will be full of ping pong tournaments, taboo games, and a few rounds of pool.

I experienced this last year at Thanksgiving and lets just say I was not prepared, hair wise. After a few hours of playing numerous games everyone starts getting 'hot'. For girls that means that its time to get out your hair band and get it up into a bun or ponytail! Well, this year, the hubs and I, will be making an appearance at his families house later in the evening. I would like to not have to go with messy, ponytail hair and a flushed face. Ideally I would love to look like I just got ready.Ha-Ha. What is a girl to do?! Well, other than the fact that I will be wearing black jeans and some form of a blazer I have selected these hairstyles to complete my outfit. Hopefully they will complete my outfit, not get me so 'hot', and possibly give me an edge against the other women who will, foolishly, have their hair in their face when it comes time for the ping pong tournament! He-He.

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