December 16, 2011

Holiday Rush

Last minute Christmas shopping, prepping for family dinners, and trying to look gorgeous in this not so great {Houston} weather is what I like to call the holiday rush. My husband and I, sad to say, are known for being just a few minutes late. I couldn't tell you what it is. We usually have everything laid out that we need to take with us, what we are wearing, but when it comes time to actually walk out the door...the panic/rush starts setting in with the end result being my sister call me asking "where are you guys"?

This year, I am happy to say, is very different so far. I have all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping completed laying under our tree. I know exactly what I am making for Christmas Eve dinner. I almost know what I will be wearing...there is still time for that.Ha-Ha. Last night while I was contemplating about my Friday post I was going through photos and found several that describe the 'holiday rush'...

Need I say more? Coffee, fabulous purse, chaotic, and shopping.

Christmas isn't the same with out the hubs and I 'rushing' to get
somewhere, lovely tablescapes, and such cute dogs (my sister's department)!

Finish it up with a relaxing trip to a quite coffee shop...

Then it all starts over again the next day! He-He.

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