December 2, 2011


Well the end of the week has come! This week has probably been one of the most exciting weeks since I decided to leave my job to devote my time to our company. Being able to see all the fabric designs for our neckties was overwhelming. I couldn't stop smiling and can I say jumping up and down!

My husband and I had one of our very long talks. We do this from time to time. He and I will find ourselves sitting on the couch talking about anything and everything...for hours. This time it was about a two hour conversation. I had started talking about my hopes and dreams for Drake Men and I started to realize that 6 weeks ago, when I left my job, I was a different person, in some ways. I had always been someone that loves instant gratification and was also known for not having too much patience. My husband, I think, is the one that is finding himself like that.

For me, I have realized that starting this business or any business is stressful and takes a lot of time and patience. Instead of me getting frustrated that something is going to take longer than what I would like I go ahead and learn the process of the timeline. Some of my manufacturers aren't used to having someone so involved with the process. They usually say something like "Most people just email me what they want and then wait for me to respond with the shipping date of their product...but not you". I have been blessed with having great manufacturers in that sense because they have each taken time out to explain their job and what they are doing for me. I believe that it is important for me to know all aspects of Drake Men. If I know how something is being done than I can be more helpful. I can lay out a timeline of what needs to get done and when because I know the process of how things are getting done behind the scenes.

Having said that...I must retreat back to the Drake Men offices (my dining room table!) and get to work on our website. Hopefully by Monday I will actually be able to start linking Drake Men to a website so all my devoted readers can start getting familiar with us. For now I will leave you with a gorgeous drawing from Inslee. I LOVE his work so much that he is on my Christmas wish list.

See you later!

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