January 25, 2012

Best of Both Worlds...

Having a dining room that over looks the kitchen, like this, is my dream. The kitchen opens up into the dining room but not too open. An open floor plan is something that I really love. Having too much of an open floor plan, where there are no walls to divide one room from another, isn't always good. Yes, It can make a 900 sq. ft. condo seem so much larger but it can also leave people, me, a little confused. I am the person who likes every room to flow but that each room has a different feeling from the next.

When I cam across this photo I loved everything about it. The fact that you could be cooking in the kitchen but still communicate with your guest sitting at the dining room table. The kitchen is opened by a gorgeous arch but not a huge opening where you can't feel some privacy.

The hubs and I watched It's Complicated this past weekend and besides from the movie being so good, we loved the house. This came as a surprise to me because the hubs has always been the one to say "I like modern things, we need to decorate with modern pieces". The movie house was completely opposite. It was Spanish look with a french country feel...if that's possible.Ha-Ha. The decor is fabulous in this room. The chandelier gives it a vintage look while keeping a traditional table, french country chairs, with fabulous modern pendants and some open shelves in the kitchen.

I would gladly move into this house!

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