January 24, 2012

Upcoming {Outfit} Events

After this coming weekend my 'weekend schedule' is all booked with showers and a wedding. I don't think I have been to this many parties in a row...well ever. I have my friends bridal shower, then my sister's family baby shower, than the following weekend I have her couples baby shower, a wedding, and then a launch party for Drake Men! About two weeks after the wedding is my sister's due date so it looks like for the next two months I will have no free Saturdays!

I am a procrastinator in many areas of my life but the one place that I am always on top of is picking out my outfits. Getting them all lined up helps me figure out any last minute items I may need to add. Each event will have different dress requirements which requires five completely different outfits...so much fun! Here is what I am thinking, as of right now...

Casual chic for my friends bridal shower

A little bit dressier for my sisters 1st baby shower

A more comfortable look for the couples baby shower 

Elegant, classy for my friends wedding!

Pair a lace dress with some black tights to keep it classy
for the Drake Men Launch party!

I am so excited to be getting 'dressed up' for all of these special occasions this next month. Of course, the most exciting part will be the arrival of my third niece/nephew (it's being kept under wraps). That outfit will need no thought...sweats will do!

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