January 6, 2012

Black and White Heaven...

This time of year is usually very cold for us but the new year brought, the 71 degree weather, along. So yesterday I found myself going through my closet to re-evaluate my clothes. I went from starting a donation pile to having my own fashion show. After an hour of play time, I noticed that I have a lot of black and white clothes...a lot. I know, they are classic colors and pieces, but when I would try on outfits they usually were black and white. Maybe pops of color here and there but the majority was black and white. One of the things on my 2012 to-do list is to start purchasing classic pieces. Yes the majority of my clothes are black and white but half of them items are 'trendy'. These pieces I know I wont have anymore by the end of the year.

This got me thinking of what pieces I would like to add to my closet. It got me excited and as I went to my computer to do some research (aka-save photos) I was doing it again! Black and white outfits. Maybe it's just me being self-conscious about being the girl that wears the same colors. What do you think? Are you one that wears bright colors everyday or the girl that sticks to the classic outfits? Also, it's not just with clothes. The hubs and I have a black and white house with pops of color. What is it with this color combo?!

While you ponder that here are some photos that I always go back to for reassurance with the color pallet.

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