January 6, 2012

An El Salvador Trip

This time last year my parents, the hubs, my fiance then, and myself were heading to the airport. We were traveling to El Salvador where my husband whole family lives. Sadly, they would not be able to come to the wedding so my parents were gracious enough to travel the weekend before our wedding to go have a little celebration of our own.

My husbands great Uncle is a Cardinal in the Catholic church and would be in charge of all the ceremonies. First, there was my baptism into the Catholic church and then the blessing of our marriage. It was beautiful. During my baptism the most unexpected thing happened. There was a window over my right shoulder. The sun had created this gold color light on my head and the Cardinal's. It was amazing and everyone in the room took notice.

I am so grateful for that weekend. Going to El Salvador is always expensive, only two flight leave out of Houston each day. We don't get to spend enough time with his family but we will always have that weekend. On a rare occasion everyone came out to celebrate and welcome me into their family.

At the Hilton Hotel before the festivities

The blessing...

El Salvador first Starbucks so of course we had to stop by!

Family Dinner

One of the gorgeous churches in El Salvador

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  1. Great photos! Would you like to follow each other?