January 11, 2012

Currently Loving {Black and White Stripes}

They are sophisticated, modern, simple, clean lined, and gives the look an extra 'umph'. I absolutely love the look on my clothes, walls, pillows, rugs, or even on boxes. I have always thought that stripes were a childish design. They only belonged in a nursery. Then I came across these gorgeous photos. Over the last few weeks I have saved these photos and I find myself, almost everyday, going back to look at them.

It's funny because right now with Drake Men, we are in the packaging faze. For the last week I have been unsatisfied with having regular products boxes like every other company. I have been trying to find a way to take something that is so standard and give it a little more jazz, spice it up a little. Yesterday, right before I was about to go to the packaging company I had a thought. I started drawing it out on paper and realized I just came up with a great idea. I took a simple idea and changed it into a 'fantastic idea' (my husbands words)! I realized later on that it all came from these photos. Looking at them everyday, thinking of different things, why I would use stripes in a house, what room would I put them in. Know that the packaging look is what I really,really want I can actually be excited about going to order them!

For now, what do you think of black and white stripes? Would you use them in your home or only wear them on your clothes?

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