January 12, 2012

For The Love Of {Starbucks}

We all know Starbucks is the largest coffee company in the world. We also know that no matter what time of day you go they are always packed. Business professionals, students, people reading books, and friends meeting up for a 'chat'. Some may criticize their over priced drinks, loud music, and an excuse to 'keep up with the Jones's'. Sometimes, I would have to agree. My husband and I are no stranger to Starbucks. Spending countless hours studying at the 24/7 one here in Houston. We clocked so many hours that our order, Venti Iced Coffee, would already be in the works before we ordered it.

Starbucks in San Salvador, El Salvador

Now, by myself, I have also been known by a first name basis at more than one Starbucks. It's shameful I know, but I can't help it. For me, it's not about the 'look' of holding a Starbucks cup or even being the person in the corner reading a book...it's about their iced coffee. Sad but it's true. I can blame my older sister for that, but I won't! I have tried countless times to make iced coffee at home but it just doesn't taste the same. Which is why for every occasion that requires a gift I always ask for Sbux gift cards!

Aside from the coffee, there are people that I have come across that do not care for their coffee but still go. I never understood that. Why would you go pay for 'over priced coffee', some may say, if you aren't going to enjoy it. Maybe they want that feeling that comes with holding their cup. The only feeling I get from holding their drink is satisfaction. Seriously, if you haven't tried their iced coffee it's a must.

For me, Starbucks is great. It's one of the only places that you can meet up with friends or family and just hang out. I have had many great conversations with my mom and my sister at Starbucks. My husband and I started our business plan sitting in one. Starbucks has a homey feeling about it. They have kept the coziness with dark walls, curtains, and warm employees. It's one of those places that you can sit there for hours and no one will disturb you. For what ever reason you go to Starbucks no one can argue that it is the largest coffee company in the world. Whether it's over priced or not they are doing something right to have so many repeat customers...me included.

*My order: Grande iced coffee, 3 pumps of sweetener, with half n half. (Just in case you wanted to try!)

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