February 22, 2012

25th Birthday...

The day has finally arrived...I have now entered mid-twenties. I wanted to wait to write this most a little later in the day for many reasons. Yesterday, our family grew from two to three. Our little four month old puppy, Max Drake. The last 18 hours have been very interesting. I had forgotten how difficult it is to train a puppy. Especially one like Max who was abandoned when he was just one month. He doesn't know sit, stay, lay, potty, or no. Everything is so new to him. Thank goodness my husband has been amazing. He jumped right in and starting training him last night! Now he knows sit, stay, and potty except potty to him means whenever and whatever place he finds is where he is going.

Our new addition...

Turning 25 has made me look back on my first five years of my twenties. Things that I experienced, certain accomplishments, traveling, love, family, goals. Its as if I was re-evaluating my life. I realized how lucky that I have been at such a young age. I got to go to college, play tennis all on a full ride. Traveling to new places with my husband- D.C., NYC, and London are some of our favorites. I also got to experience life with out my husband. The age from 20-21 I think I grew the most, maturity wise. He was deployed to Iraq and instead of putting my life on hold for him I sucked it up. Rented my very first apartment, by myself, got a full time job, and learned how to be independent. Besides worrying and missing him for the whole year, it was some of the most fun I have ever had.

Then there was this past year. We got married, had a beautiful wedding with lots of family and friends. We started Drake Men, added a puppy to our family, and purchased a high rise condo. I am fortunate enough to have a husband, that in the midst or changing careers, aloud me to quite my good paying job for Drake Men. It was a huge risk living off of one income but we are making it. Being happy is the most important thing to us and we are the happiest we have ever been. These last six months have been the hardest on us, financially, but we are making it one step at a time. All of our hard work will pay off and we are seeing that day get closer.

I sit back now and think if there was anything I would do differently. No, I wouldn't. Everything that I/We have done has led us to this place in our lives. We have a business, a new/great job for my hubs, and a new puppy that is the cutest...if only he would just stop peeing everywhere!

If you could go back and change a time in your twenties would you? If so, what would it be?  


  1. :) This is so inspiring! Happy Birthday!

  2. To my beautiful daughter, hope you had a wonderful 25th birthday!!! You continue to inspire and amaze me. Here's to 25 more... All my love, mom

  3. Woo Woo! Happy Birthday Sis! Chase & I are about to be right there with ya, happy & broke with this baby :)