February 21, 2012

Style Inspiration...

A girl can't go wrong with a pair of shoes for an early birthday present. I searched the web over and over again for some sort of inspiration on what style to get. My closet is full of all different style of shoes; everything from classic Mary-Jane's to PAC-Sun flip flops to over the knee leather studded boots to cheetah print wedges to Coach sneakers. I guess accumulating many different styles over the last five years has proven to be a struggle, now. Finding a new pair of shoes is more challenging. I am constantly not finding anything that shouts out at me.

Few days ago I came across this photo from 9to5chic and I feel in love with this style of shoe. I wasn't too crazy about the silver or how shiny they were but the classic look caught my eye.

Than I found another pair in blush on Stockholm Streetstyle. This color appealed to me a little more but these were too flashy for me. The classic, tassel look with such a modern and glamorous material is throwing me off...that or I am the one person in the world that isn't 100% in love with these shoes!

In either case, I was casually looking around in DSW yesterday and came across a pair of shoes that had the same look, with the awesome tassels, but I could wear everyday if I wanted. They are suede and fabulous. I told my husband that I was just going to 'browse' on my side but not get anything. As I walked back to the Men's shoe side carrying a shoe box he just simply laughed and said "I guess you found an early Birthday present?"

Yes I did!

I can't believe I will be 25 tomorrow...

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  1. Love them and love you! Happy 25th to you, my beautiful daughter. Love always, Mom