March 20, 2012

Change Is Happening...

When I started this blog about six months ago I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what the content would be about. I have learned that nothing in life ever really stays the same and during the last couple of weeks many things in my life have been changing. We will be adding a little niece or nephew in the next couple of days, the hubs and I have found a new relationship with Him and has renewed our connection with one another, Drake Men has had a few obstacles that I didn't see coming, and I think the biggest thing is having a feeling of what "settling" down means.

Yes, I am married and when I tell my friends I am getting the 'settling down' feeling they give me a perplexed look. After some talks with my husband (and myself) I am learning more about it. This time in my life has really opened my eyes up to so many other things. Most of our friends have a little one or are pregnant, my cousins are all going off to college, getting married, and having babies themselves. I have taken a step back to look at their lives and kind evaluate mine.

I have realized that what I want out of my life is, in the sense, traditional. Great family, good job, loving husband, strong Faith, and be able to give my kids more than what I had. Sounds traditional but I feel that most of my life-the last few years-have really been nontraditional. I didn't do things in the order they were supposed to be done. I was one of the first that moved in with a boyfriend (the hubs) that I wasn't engaged too then on top of that buy a house with him before we even were planning a wedding.

A few weeks ago I was having the hardest time sleeping. I was tired but I couldn't fall asleep or if I did drift off I would suddenly wake up and then stay up until the early morning. My husband, naturally, was concerned but I couldn't give him a reason for why it was happening. During the end of the week one night trying to go to sleep I started contemplating why this could be happening. A light bulb went off in my head. After thinking about all the things I just wrote I realized that the biggest thing was that I was nervous about how I am living my life. Wondering if this was the path I was supposed to follow.

I soon came to terms with the fact that I was living my life by my rules and on my terms. Designing my own life. When I said those words it came to me that this was the reason for the restless nights, not being inspired when I blog, and why I was so worried about our future. My husband is so great and told me that it was okay for us to live our life different from our friends and family. That I shouldn't hold my life up to what others are doing. We all have different dreams and aspirations. Our lives will be different because of those things.

Having said all of this that is why I titled "Change is happening". It is in my life and it will be on this blog. I am changing almost everything. The name will be changed, the layout, the feel, and the content. Of course, I will keep somethings like Thursdays Real Estate posts! I will be writing more about my life and the journey I am about to take with Drake Men, becoming a mother, continuing to try and be the best Aunt, a great friend, and a great wife all while doing it on my terms. I was one of the biggest advocates of the "5 year plan". The hubs and I were going to wait five years to try for a little one but nesting feeling as popped it's head in over the last couple of weeks. We will be the couple living in a three-story (fingers crossed) town home raising a kid, running a business, and trying to figure out how to live life the way we want to. It's going to be crazy, fun, chaotic, and I am sure at times incredibly stressful but I also know that it will be how the hubs and I want it. It's a good thing that here in Houston they have 3 story town homes out in the suburbs!

These Inslee photos may not fit the post but I just love all these photos!

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