April 3, 2012

Final Push...

I don't know the exact time for a final push. Here at Drake Men, I have had a couple. I had a deadline to get 90% of my merchandise in before the Christmas break and I accomplished that. There were a few days where I was working from 7am to late at night. Well worth it in the end because knowing that the factories close for a month can really light a fire up under-you know where-to push people to get on the ball and ship my things.

Choosing a website designer was another one. After months of searching, email interviews, using connections. I had finally reached to a point where I was going to sign someone that day. After working from early that morning, I believe on the contract the time of signatures was 8:30 pm. I had finally chosen one and I am very happy with him.

Now, today is a different story. This final push has much more nerves that come with it. Heading into our sixth month from the start of this project has me more ready than ever to launch. Besides the fact that living on one income is a bit difficult but our products are so great. I really love them and everyone that has seen the samples has either purchased or have put in orders to buy once we go live.

Today I will be spending most of the day working on photo shopping. There will be the occasional re-do's of some of the products. I'm not 100% sure I love the way our cuff links turned out-photo wise. This is still a learning process for me. Occasionally I will send out emails of our product photos to see if people like the way they look. The response we get is amazing. I usually get an email back asking to purchase one of the ties in the photos!

Until then here are a few more photos of some ties that I didn't show you on my last post!

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