April 3, 2012

Starbucks {Coffee} Break...

I had planned for my day pretty well. I set everything up for the product photos. Camera fully charged. Had my comfy-over sized jeans, tank top, and scarf. Ready to start the shoot. I was so excited and even through out to day I couldn't wait to get these into photo shop so I can go ahead and send them to our website designer. Thinking that by the end of the week we would have everything ready to go live. Again...a problem.

While I photographed our neckties-and I think they look amazing-I just can't seem to get the cuff links, tie bars, and collar stays to look good. Everything I have done doesn't seem to help. I spent an hour shooting, than tried to photo shop them. Didn't like them. Then I did it all over again-twice. Changing lighting and settings on my camera. I can't seem to be happy with any of it. So frustrating!

So while I realized I spent almost six hours on photos...I needed a break. Naturally, I either go pick up some iced coffee at Starbucks-or-I grab a Starbucks Frappuccino from my fridge. Today I went with the Frapp! Trying to take my mind off of things I decided to go ahead and search blogs to calm my nerves and for inspiration. On one of my daily reads, La Dolce Vita, I found this kitchen. I dream about the day I would actually be able to have a grey and white, huge, gorgeous kitchen!

I love how the kitchen opens up to the backyard. The tranquil feeling would be something I would enjoy. Everything is gorgeous about this kitchen...especially the enormous island. The sink isn't too shabby either with that great faucet. If, this was my kitchen, you would find me cooking up a storm and my husband sitting in the wing chair with his iced-tea and Kindefire! Ha-Ha. I wouldn't mind that at all!


On a business note. If anyone has any types for shooting small accessories and how to make the details pop contact me. If things stay the same it looks like I will be in crunch mode to hire a professional who has shot product photos before!

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