April 25, 2012

Happy Face...

I would just like to say 'Thank You' to the over whelming response that I received on yesterdays post. It is so appreciated and makes me feel so good! Now that Drake Men has become much more-real?-I am consumed by it. Every minute of every day I am researching, drafting up news letters, emailing about 100 times to our web designer. It has taken over my life! Ha!

I am so ecstatic about our product shots that I just had to share a little more of them with you today. I am hoping that in exactly 2 weeks-May 9-we will go live and I will look at my inbox and it will say 'order received' over and over again. I can dream big right?! I am hope you enjoy and think our products are as gorgeous as we do!

-Photos by Chad Bell (No copying or pinning images without my concent)

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