April 24, 2012

Late Night At Starbucks...

I wrote this post last night…

Well after 10 pm, I have been sitting at Starbucks waiting for the email from our product photographer. The whole afternoon was spent on capturing our company’s products. During that time I was spent being nervous and having mini panic attacks. Not knowing if these images were going to be exactly what I was wanting, would I even like them once they were put through photo shop. Lots of unknowns were going through my mind.

This has been ‘my baby’ for six months. Carrying for it, working on it, and growing it into what it will become. I have spoken on occasions about learning and growing. Well in one day I finally felt like an actual owner of a company. Up until this point I didn’t have that feeling. It was like I was working towards that. Once I got that feeling I instantly become so proud, of myself. I took an idea that my husband and I had talked about for a while and turned it into something. Actual products that people really like. I get the response that I love getting “you really took it back to the basics”.

This is true. For a while I have felt that men's accessories had gotten a little boring, plain…every ones products starting to look the same. I could ‘get on board’ with that IF I had to but my husband and I realized that we didn’t. We could turn the whole accessories business around! Yes, we like to dream big. We don’t actually think that we can turn the WHOLE thing around but we think that we can at least bring back what we think men should be wearing. What I like my guy to wear. Let’s face it the majority of the time women dress the men! I fully believe that we have a product line that shows that. The basics; classic patterns and colors that don’t go out of style.

We always hear about the next big ‘trend’. Being trendy is completely fine but ‘trends’ go out of style and hardly come back in. I like to have pieces of clothing that will always look great. The ones that aren’t just a fad. This is what a Drake Man is. The guy in the room that turns heads not for the neon tie that is in style but for the gorgeous, well put together ensemble that has the mix of classic and modern. The one who looks sophisticated at work but can also go straight to happy hour and not have to change a thing because he looks that good.

That is what we are about. This is why I love what I have been doing for the past several months. I have been trying to define this imaginary man in my head. What will he look like? What would he wear?  How will he act? Once I figured out who that man was everything else came together. Other products came together quicker than some but they all had this image in my head.

In no way am I meaning for this to sound cliché, cheesy, corner, or whatever word may pop into your head when reading these next few sentences. This ‘man’ behind the Drake Men inspiration was someone very close to me that I was imagining. My dad. I remember as a little girl that he would come out into the living room tying his colorful bow-ties or funky neckties while telling us that we needed to turn off the TV and get ready for school. That is the image I have in mind. He always looked put together with this mix between traditional and modern. I loved it.

So yes, not only is the name of the company after my dad but the inspiration as well. He is tied for the number 1 ‘favorite guy’ spot in my life. He has taught me a lot about life, success, and motivation but he probably doesn’t know that fashion was thrown in there too! After months of preparation, designing, frustrations, ups and downs, and countless discussions with my oh-so wonderful business partner (the hubs) it is almost that time to launch. Only two more weeks and it is all happening! Until then I will leave you with this image and our domain…


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  1. Congratulations...you did it!!! You have much of which to be proud. Good luck with the final stages of preparation for the BIG launch!

    I love you, Mom