April 5, 2012

Luxury Hotels = House Project

On Thursday's I generally do a post on real estate here in Houston. After a few days of looking all over there is really no house that grabs me. I didn't want to post just any house for the sake of Thursdays Real Estate Round-up!

To fill that slot I decided to share with you my hopes for our condo. In the high-rise market I have found that the more your condo looks and feels like a hotel you can list it higher and it tends to get more offers which makes it sell faster. It is the same for renting purposes. The hubs and I go back and forth from renting to selling. I would like to sell it because I have never rented anything out and I don't know how I feel about being someones landlord. Selling seems much easier. At the same time my husband continues to tell me that even though unites in our complex are selling for much higher than this time last year, the prices still aren't where they should be. By renting it out, we can make money for the next couple of years and wait for the prices to go back up where they should be.

That does have a nice ring to it but at the same time that is an 'if' situation. What if they do get higher but what if they don't. For now he and I are concentrating on making improvements to our home. We have both agreed that it needs to become more of a hotel vibe. Luxurious, clean, streamlined, and move in ready. This won't be a problem. The idea of living in a place that gives you a 'oh my gosh' feeling...like when I look at this photo...

Or this one...

Doing little things like adding a textured wall paper, gorgeous floating shelves, and painting the walls a rich color. It is going to be so much fun! We are hoping to finish about six projects by mid to late summer so that way we can actually enjoy living the space.

Whoever purchases or rents our home will be very lucky!

Photos: {here}

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