April 9, 2012

Monday Morning...

This Monday morning I am spending my time sipping coffee, writing some notes, and taking photos of our gorgeous refurbished end tables. The hubs and I worked hard all weekend to get these finished and at 11 p.m. last night they were completed. The staining didn't come out the color we thought they would but it turns out that we like them better this way than what we had hoped!

Over the weekend we put in a couple of hours to work on Drake Men. We are so much closer to finishing everything we need to in order to launch! Putting in the last minute Tie Bar order, grabbing fabric for pocket squares, and receiving the 'About Drake Men' page from my wonderful sister. My oldest sister is an amazing Copywriter. After discussing the ideas that I wanted to incorporate and things I didn't want she created a wonderful page. It encompasses everything that Drake Men stands for and what our customers will find when purchasing our products.

For a little treat, here is a preview...
"It’s simple, really. Get back to the basics, live your life, and afford to look good while you’re doing it. Welcome to Drake Men. "

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